AISC has a full time, qualified, School Counselor on staff. High school and Middle School students have access to individual and personal counseling, which also serves as a resource center for teachers and parents. In addition, university preparation and placement, career and life skills Guidance Seminars are offered for all high school students.

AISC Resources

The Counselor keeps and updates books, digital sources and other written material to help with issues including self-esteem, moving overseas, transitions, adolescence changes, intercultural conflict, handling crises, grief management and support, managing ADHD, etc.

We Offer Career Guidance

The Counselor helps students to explore career options including the administration of interest inventories and career surveys. NAVIANCE software is used extensively

We Offer Individual and Group Counseling

The Counselor works with individual high school and middle school students to overcome classroom difficulties, academic struggles and personal problems so that the student has every opportunity to be successful. The Counselor provides group counseling when needed, and leads mediations between students, using the AISC Human Right’s Policy for a successful and positive outcome

We Monitor Student Achievement

The Counselor monitors high school student achievement through meetings with teachers as well as progress reports to see if students are experiencing academic, social or emotional difficulties. If students struggle, the student’s teachers meet with the counselor to recommend a prescriptive course of action that may include Academic Probation, involvement of the Learning Center staff or Administration.

We Organize Special Events

The Counselor plans and coordinates special events including College Fairs, visits from college and university representatives, and Healthy Living Week.

Grade 9-12 High School Guidance Seminar Course Description
Guidance Seminar is a graduation requirement

AISC’s acquisition of the comprehensive web based program, Naviance in 2012, now referred to as Family Connection, provides many useful features aimed to help high school students in making plans about courses, colleges/universities, and careers. Naviance is used extensively in all Guidance Seminar classes.

Parents are encouraged to review their child’s Naviance account in order to continue the dialog between students and parents about future careers and planning for college/university. Students will be provided with a personal access code and instructions for accessing Family Connection.

Guidance Seminar Topics

9th Grade- Transition to High School and Four-Year Planning

Topics: Study Skills (including time management and test taking strategies), Graduation Credits, College/University Planning, Transcripts, High School Resume, College/University Fairs, Community Service and Volunteer Experience, Stress Management and other health topics (focusing on building self confidence in order to help students make wise choices when faced with challenges that sometimes occur in adolescence such as eating disorders, substance abuse and relationships)

Naviance: Introduce, Register, Take Explore Assessment, Create 4 Year Course Plan, Setting Goals/Journaling, Build High School Resume, Course Selection

10th Grade- Career Research and Exploration

Topics: PSAT Review, Update High School Resume, Graduation Credits, College/University Planning, College/University Fairs, Career Research and Exploration, Basic Impromptu Speaking Skills

Naviance: Introduce, Complete Career Interest Profiler, Complete Career Cluster Finder, Complete Do What You Are Assessment, Add Careers to my list, Edit 4 Year Course Plan, Setting Goals/Journaling, Credit Check, Course Selection, Search for Summer Enrichment Programs, Update High School Resume

11th Grade- Post Graduate Planning

Topics: College/University Exams (PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT), Update High School Resume, College/University Visits/Fairs, Review AISC transcripts, UCAS Stamford Career Assessment, Mock Interviews

Naviance: Introduce, Complete College Search, Add to Colleges I’m thinking About, Edit 4 Year Course Plan, Credit Check, Search for Summer Enrichment Programs, Setting Goals and Journal entries about college/university presenters/visits and college/university essays/personal statements, Credit Check, Course Selection, Search for Summer Enrichment Programs, Update High School Resume

12th Grade- Finalize Post Graduate Plan

Topics: Review Senior Year Timeline, College/University Application Process, Finalize High School Resume, Finalize University Essays/Personal Statements, College/University Visits/Fairs, Apply to UK universities through UCAS or to US universities through Naviance (or see Mrs. Vakis for other countries), Ask teachers for letters of Recommendation, Review AISC transcripts and request transcripts, Campus Life (How to Get Involved, Scheduling, Budgeting, Living on Your Own, Laundry, Cooking, Fitness/Nutrition/Staying Healthy, Roommates)

Naviance: Introduce, Update Course Plan, Update College/University List, Waive rights on Naviance, Apply to US Universities, Scholarship Search, Finalize High School Resume, End of Year Exit Survey

Grading Scale Used in Guidance Seminar:

Grade of “P” means Pass and grade of “NP” means Non-Pass. In the case a student receives an “NP”; the student will need to make-up the work or hours in-order to successfully graduate from AISC.

AISC College/University Planning Book:

The AISC College/University Planning Book is available on-line on the AISC Portal to students and parents. This handbook details the complete college/university search and application process.

College and University Planning and Placement

The Counselor guides the university application process. She organizes and distributes all the university information including catalogues so that students have access to any university of choice. This material is regularly updated and expanded. The Counselor works with students individually and in seminars to assist students in exploring options for universities and completing the selection and application process. AISC is a testing site for SAT and ACT examinations from the College Board. The Counselor serves as a community resource and referral service for university applications and college tests.

At AISC, students have been admitted to outstanding colleges and universities throughout the world. Use the information below only as a guide. It is always best to examine each individual institution’s own admission requirements.

Admission Requirements for American Universities

Most US universities are interested in the student’s GPA, (grade point average) and that the student is following a college preparatory high school program. Students are not required to do the full IB Diploma, however many US universities will ask about the most rigorous academic courses at your school. Therefore, taking the IB Diploma or IB certificates will enhance your transcript and may earn you some university credits. Most US universities will want students to do the SAT I with strong scores and others will also want students to do the SAT II, once again with strong scores. US universities will also take into consideration teacher recommendations, essays and student’s extracurricular activities.

Admission Requirements for UK Universities

Students wishing to seek admission into the first year of degree programs in the UK or other European universities are recommended to do the IB Diploma Program at AISC since the majority of these universities will only consider students who have completed the IB Diploma Program with good results.

Some of our students have been able to enter degree courses, such as Business, with AISC’s College Preparatory Diploma along with some IB HL certificates, SAT I and SAT II exams with strong scores. Keep in mind that UK universities also look upon work experience in the area you wish to study at university, a teacher recommendation letter and personal statement favorably.

Consider these factors when selecting high school courses at AISC. At any time should you have any questions about university requirements, please contact our Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Vakis.

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