We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our high quality AISC Summer Programs. We are truly enthusiastic about running the AISC Summer School for the third year at AISC and about having your children here with us. This year AISC will be running four different Summer Programs.

1)    6 week Kidz Summer Camp for ages 5 – 13 (2014 Theme “Around the World in 30 in Days!”)


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2)    SAT Preparation Course, including University Application Workshops for ages 15 – 19





3)    Intensive English Summer Program for ages 13-18



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4)    European Computer Driving License (ECDL) Summer Fast Track Course for ages 13+



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We have hired qualified/certified teachers from the AISC faculty who know and care for your child. All our summer programs stand out from all the others since your child will receive lots of attention in a small group setting.

Our security, administrative and cleaning staff will be present during the summer camp to support all students, families and the program.

The members of the Summer Camp team include: Nicos Papasolomou who will be leading the Kidz Summer Camp athletics and sports program. Irene Epaminonda and Katerina Loizidou will lead the Kidz Summer Camp educational, fine arts activities and multimedia program. Heather Pitzel and Nearchos Papanearchou will lead the Summer SAT Preparation Course. Dora Zessimopoulos and Rachel Iannacone will lead the Intensive Summer English Program and Nicholas Roussis will lead the European Computers Driving License (ECDL) Summer Fast Track Course. Sangita Vakis, the Director of the Summer School will be heading this amazing team.

Be sure to register early since spaces are limited! If you are interested in any of the summer programs, please complete the application form and pay a deposit of 50% by April 30th. The final payment is due before the first day of the summer program.

See the attached flyers for further information. We look forward to another great summer full of wonderful memories for your child at AISC! For more information contact:
s. Sangita Vakis, Director of Summer School Programs at
svakis@aisc.ac.cy or any of the summer school teachers at 22-316345.

Click here to download the Summer School Application form

Thank you and we hope to see you this summer!

Warm regards,

The Summer Camp Team:

Sangita Vakis, Summer School Director
Nicos Papasolomou,  Athletics and Sports Program Coordinator
Katerina Loizidou, Educational, Technology and Fine Arts Program Coordinator
Irene Epaminonda, Educational, Technology and Fine Arts Program Coordinator
Heather Pitzel, SAT Critical Reading and Writing Teacher
Nearchos Papanearchou, SAT Mathematics Teacher
Dora Zessimopoulos- Intensive English Teacher
Rachel Iannacone-Intensive English Teacher
Nicholas Roussis, ECDL-European Computers Driving License Teacher