The American International School in Cyprus exists to serve the educational needs of the international community and local families who desire an academically enriching, international, university preparatory, English language education.

Admission is open to all students, regardless of race, religion or background.

Age Policies

The following admission requirements and grade placements are adhered to.  Exceptions to these age guidelines are rarely made.  Exceptions require careful evaluation by the Head of the School and clear evidence to support any change in placement.

  • KG4 students must be 4 years of age by December 1 and must be toilet-trained.
  • KG5 students must be 5 years of age by December 1 and must be toilet-trained.
  • Grade 1 students must be 6 years of age by December 1.
  • Grade 2-12 students are placed in a grade compatible with their age on evidence of successful completion of the previous grade or year.
English Language Learner Policies

English is the language of instruction at The American International School in Cyprus. The admission’s assessments and placement decisions are made to ensure that the student can access the curriculum delivered in English. Students in need of English Language Learning (ELLsupport are identified by the testing and screening that takes place at the time of admissions.  Services provided for ELL students are subject to extra tuition, see the tuition schedule for more information.

KG4 – Grade 5

In the Elementary School, no specific screening for English takes place at the time of admissions.  However, students who may need English language support, will be screened after they begin classes.  From KG4-Grade 5, all ELL students are placed with their age appropriate student group.

Grade 6 – 12

In the Middle and High School, results of the ELL screening will determine placement.  While emphasis is placed on learning English in context through differentiated instruction, beginning and intermediate ELL students will benefit from a “pull-out” and “push-in” program where the ELL teacher supports the students in and outside the regular classroom setting.

Please download our English Language Admission’s Policy for more information.

AISC Language Policy

Learning Difficulties/Special Needs

Admission can be offered to students with mild learning needs/learning difficulties, or physical disabilities according to the limited facilities and personnel available. The Learning Support Center provides initial screening, in-class and group and family support.

Services provided by our Learning Support Center are subject to extra tuition, please see our tuition schedule for more information.  At the time of admission, AISC requires parents to disclose all pertinent information about a child’s educational experiences, including any psycho-educational testing or outside referrals.  Withholding information about a child’s special needs may lead to withdrawal of the student.