AISC students participate in a wide variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout the year which are designed to provide students with the opportunity to grow, learn and have fun. At AISC, we believe  a rich student life is an essential part of a child’s experience, and we strive to provide each student with a variety of opportunities that encourage him/her to take risks, get involved and experience success. The following programs enhance the student experience at AISC.

  • Community Service Program
  • After-school Activity Program
  • Middle and High School Student Councils
  • Visual, Music and Performing Arts Presentations
Goals of the AISC Student Life Program:

To provide opportunities for each child to enhance their schools experience through taking part in activities that will stimulate his/her growth and development as healthy and whole individuals.

  • To provide opportunities for each student to learn new skills that complement and enhance his/her classroom learning
  • To develop in each student the ability to take a risk, make a choice and follow through on that choice.
  • To enhance a student’s sense of self-worth and self- esteem
  • To provide a well balanced program that appeals to a maximum number of students and provides each student with a multitude of choices
AISC Healthy Food Policy

AISC Healthy food policy applies is to:

1. Provide healthy eating options for all members of our learning community
2­. Provide a healthy environment for all members of our learning community
3­. Develop healthy eating habits and attitudes in our learning community