AISC Mission

The American International School in Cyprus inspires students to become enthusiastic life-long learners who value integrity, cultural diversity, and the pursuit of excellence. Using an American and international curriculum, our qualified professionals work with the school community to prepare students to be creative, critical thinkers, and socially responsible world citizens.

AISC Beliefs
  • Everyone must be valued as a unique individual.
  • Everyone deserves an education which respects his or her differences.
  • Understanding and appreciation of diversity are critical to peace and harmony.
  • The development of all aspects of the individual is essential.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving are vital in a changing world.
  • Participation in activities and service learning fosters a sense of self worth, community, and school ethos.
  • Technology must be an integral part of the education process.
  • Learning must be a life-long process for everyone.
  • Everyone is entitled to have his/her opinion heard and considered.
  • Everyone has a right to safety, love, and learning.
International Mindedness at AISC
  • As an internationally minded student, you are constantly seeking to evolve your understanding of other peoples’ opinions and cultures.
  • As an internationally minded student, you can respect someone’s opinion while not accepting it as your own.
  • As an internationally minded student, your opinion should not violate another person’s human rights


AISC Guiding Statements of the school

Graduate Profile

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Family Handbook

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