The overriding goal of professional development at AISC is to support faculty in their ability to actualize the school’s mission. Inherent in the mission is the goal of supporting the value of lifelong learning, for teachers as well as our students.

AISC encourages professional staff to participate in professional development opportunities, including graduate level courses, subject specific workshops, and IB training workshops. AISC provides the following financial support for staff professional development:

AISC will reimburse 50% of the tuition/registration fees for pre-approved staff professional development opportunities up to a maximum of € 640.00 per contract year. AISC will approve reimbursement if the professional staff member has committed to return to AISC for the following year, and if the professional development program is relevant to the professional staff member’s assignment at AISC. The difference between 50% of the tuition/registration fee and the maximum of €640.00 may be applied toward related costs of travel and lodging upon presentation of receipts. IB training is fully reimbursed.