AISC Library: A Place to Think, Create, Share and Grow

orientationThe AISC Library offers a variety of resources for all our students, parents, and staff members. Our Library collection consists of 12,000 items including award winning picture books and fiction, recently published young adult fiction, graphic novels, nonfiction and reference books. In addition to print resources, we also subscribe to local and international newspapers and online databases specifically selected for research and class projects.

Our library catalog and databases are accessible on campus and from home; they are a great place for students to search for information electronically. Please click here to access our library catalog.

The library is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We encourage our students to visit the library to check out books, use the computers for research, or read for pleasure or information. As well, we welcome our parents to visit and check out books for themselves or for their children.

Students in grade K-4 through grade 5 have a scheduled time with the Librarian once a week to check out books for home reading and to receive instruction that supports the classroom curriculum. Secondary students visit the library with their teachers to support the areas of literature appreciation and print and electronic research skills. The librarian and classroom teachers also work collaboratively to integrate information literacy skills into the curriculum.