Visual, Music and Performance Arts

LittleMermaid 28The music department is where you want to be!   Whether you are an elementary, middle or high school student there are exciting activities and concerts going on throughout the school year.

The elementary music program showcases every elementary student twice a year in a winter and summer production where the students sing, act and often dance. This is a highlight of the year for the students and parents, and there is a definite buzz in the hallways leading up to the performance.

The AISC Choir meets once per week after school on Wednesday afternoons. The choir has an excellent reputation in Nicosia and is often invited to perform outside of school to participate in fundraising events for local organizations, schools and charities on and off island. Our students participate in music festivals where they join other choirs and bands from Cyprus and perform in the local concert halls and universities as well as having a busy in school performance schedule. The AISC Orchestra also meets once per week after school on Wednesday afternoons.

AISC also offers an after school private music lesson program where students learn an instrument of their choice and are taught on a ‘one to one’ level by a member of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra. Twice a year there are concerts for these students, no matter what their level, to perform to an audience and build their confidence on stage.

There is something for everyone at AISC if you are musically talented, and with a plethora of after school activities and performances to choose from there is never a dull moment in the music department.

Private Music Lessons

Private music lessons may be arranged with the AISC Business Office and Music Teacher.  AISC coordinates with professional and talented musicians who are regular performers in the Symphonic Orchestra to provide music lessons.  Music lessons are subject to a fee.

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